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Lab ლაბორატორია

An archaeological laboratory is a place that provides scientists with the facilities for research and restorations. All the laboratories have safety rules, because some of the materials used for restoration and conservation are poisonous, flammable or explosive.

During excavation in Dmanisi two types of laboratory are used: one in the field camp, and other larger facilities at the museum and research center. The laboratory in the
 field provides “first aid” for the new finds. In this laboratory, all the material is cleaned, labeled, classified and slightly restored, prepared for transportation to the main laboratory at the research center, where all the rest of detailed restoration and analysis is done. 

At the field laboratory, we also wash and check in detail the collected sediment after excavations, in order to recover material that is very small, like bones of rodents, seeds and shells.

In the laboratory at the museum, material is restored and prepared for future conservation and research.