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Dmanisi Paleoanthropology Field School program

  • The first three weeks is a combination of theoretical course and practical training. The theoretical course features lectures in archaeology, geology, anthropology, paleontology, taphonomy; the practical training involves instruction in archaeological techniques and excavation.  By the end of the third week students will choose a topic for a potential research project focusing on Dmanisi.  Students will work with each other and the Field School faculty to finalize their proposals during the final week at the site.
  • Sundays are days off. Students will have an opportunity to take part in offsite excursions to other historical and prehistoric sites of interest in the Dmanisi region.  The last Sunday of the field school is the day of departure.

Outcomes – After completing the course students will acquire or deepen their skills and knowledge in:

  • Excavation, sediment washing and microfauna search techniques in archaeology.
  • Fossil preparation techniques in the field lab
  • Assessment of site geological potential.
  • Site dating techniques
  • Biostratigraphic analyses
  • Identification of faunal remains
  • Identification of human bones
  • Age assessment of the human remains based on dentition, skull, and postcranial bones
  • Sex determination of human remains
  • Basics of taphonomic analyses of faunal remains
  • Paleontology and Archeology of Dmanisi site
  • New culture, new friends, new contacts 
  • At the end of the course, all students will be awarded completion certificates. 


2022 field school dates: 18 Jul - 12 Aug 

COVID-19 regulations will be applied


Contact: Ann Margvelashvili