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Dmanisi Paleoanthropology Field School (DPFS) is a four-week field course in paleoanthropology at the site of Dmanisi, Georgia. It starts in the last week of July and continues in August. DPFS is a combination of theoretical course work and practical training. By the end of the course students will choose a research project and prepare a final presentation.

The Field School is open to young scientists, archaeology and anthropology students and interested persons.

The school is held at the Dmanisi Paleolithic site (village of Patara Dmanisi, 80 km from Tbilisi, Dmanisi Region, East Georgia) and students are accommodated in the camp or village near the archaeological site.


The faculty for the Dmanisi Field School features prominent academics from around the world, including Prof. Dr. David Lordkipanidze (General Director of the Georgian National Museum), Prof. Dr. Christoph Zollikofer (University of Zurich), Dr. Marcia Ponce de León (University of Zurich) , Prof. Dr. Reid Ferring (University of North Texas), Prof. Dr. Philip Rightmire (Harvard University, Binghamton University), Prof. Dr. Martha Tappen (University of Minnesota), Prof. Dr. Jordi Agusti (University of Tarragona), Prof. Lorenzo Rook (University of Florence), Dr. Laura Longo (University of Florence), M.A. Ann Margvelashvili (Georgian Nationa Museum, University of Zurich), M.A. Teona Shelia (Georgian Nationa Museum), M.A. Gocha Kiladze (Georgian National Museum), Dr. Maia Bukhsianidze (Georgian National Museum) Dr. Naoki Morimoto (Kyoto University).

2016 field school dates: 18 Jul - 13 Aug 

Contact: Ann Margvelashvili


             Tel:00 41 79 888-7615