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Dmanisi Paleoanthropology Field School (DPFS) is a four-week field course in paleoanthropology at the site of Dmanisi, Georgia. It starts in the middle of July and continues in August. DPFS is a combination of theoretical course work and practical training. By the end of the course students will choose a research project and prepare a final presentation.

The Field School is open to young scientists, archaeology and anthropology students and interested persons.

The school is held at the Dmanisi Paleolithic site (village of Patara Dmanisi, 80 km from Tbilisi, Dmanisi Region, East Georgia) and students are accommodated in the camp or village near the archaeological site.

Maximum number of field school students: 10.

The decision will be e-mailed to applicants by 20th of April of each year with the instructions of how to proceed with the next steps of application.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the program is 3000 USD per student and covers work materials, lodging and catering at the Field School site, transportation to and from the Airport and site, excursions and Tbilisi housing covering one or two nights of stay in Tbilisi upon arrival and in anticipation of departure. Tuition fee does not include transportation costs to Georgia, although we will work with students to find as affordable air rates as possible. 

We offer scholarships, which cover tuition fee. We prioritize students from developing and low income countries, but all applicationts are considered.

Admission Rules

Applicants should e-mail CV and application form to dmanisifieldschool@gmail.com.

Applications will be selected by the Dmanisi Field School admission committee.


The applications for pariticipation in the Dmanisi Paleoanthoropology Field School are being accepted from December 1st annually, through April 15th. Maximum number of available places, 10. For participation, please fill in the application form and send it together with your CV or Resume.

2020 field school dates: 13 Jul - 08 Aug 


DMANISI ONLINE project offered instead: June15-July10, 2020

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