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June 13, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we had to cancel the DPFS 2020 season excavations.

Instead we offer the exceptional online opportunity: DMANISI ONLINE project!

The International Dmanisi Team will offer you online lectures covering all the topics of the field school from JUNE 15th through JULY 10th, 2020.
The lectures will continue for 4 weeks and will be held in English.
The online course is free, unless you would like to get a certificate!

If you are interested, please, write us on dmanisifieldschool@gmail.com

Schedule of the online lectures:

  • 15 June – Dr. sc. nat. Ann Margvelashvili and Teona Shelia, MSc – Introduction and History of Discovery
  • 17 June – Prof. Reid Ferring – Geology and Formation Processes at Dmanisi
  • 19 June – Prof. Reid Ferring - The Archaeological Record of Serial Occupations at Dmanisi22 June – Dr. sc. nat. Maia Bukhsianidze – Introduction to Dmanisi fauna
  • 24 June – Dr. sc. nat. Saverio Bartolini Lucenti - Dogs and foxes from Dmanisi and the evolutionary history of Early Pleistocene canids
  • 26 June – Dr. sc. nat. Luca Pandolfi - The Early Pleistocene Eurasian rhinoceroses: evolution, paleobiogeography and paleoecology
  • 29 June – PhD cand. Omar Cirilli – The Evolution of the Old World Equus and the role of Dmanisi between Europe, Asia and Africa
  • 1 July – Prof. Martha Tappen - Taphonomic Clues from Dmanisi
  • 3 July – Dr. sc. nat. Reed Coil Spatial patterning and site formation in Block 2 at Dmanisi
  • 6 July – Dr. sc. nat. Ann Margvelashvili – Dmanisi Hominins
  • 8 July – Dr. sc. nat. Ann Margvelashvili – Time, Teeth, Tooth wear: 2 million years of dentognathic pathology and physiology 
  • 10 July – Prof. David Lordkipanidze - Dmanisi Conclusory

30th of June practical demonstration of stone tool knapping by David Zhvania, MSc and Giorgi Bidzinashvili, MSc